Things Currently Bugging Me…

  1. House Centipedes – I really really dislike these creatures.  They are creepy looking and really fast and can climb walls.  Not to mention: “They administer venom through modified legs.  These are not part of their mandibles so strictly speaking they sting rather than bite.” & “They are generally considered harmless to humans and other large mammals like dogs or cats. Bites are uncommon and most house centipedes are incapable of penetrating human skin” (
  2. News Feed vs. Live Feed –Dear Facebook, I don’t understand the difference!  What is the point of having 2 feeds doing the same thing?!?!?
  3. “One Time” – that song by that 10 year old (his bio says 15, but he looks and sounds 10) about ‘love.’   Every time I hear ‘A A A,’ I have to change the station so I don’t gag.
  4. Government Spending/Waste – The Democrats are doing it.  The Republicans are doing it.  Enough already!  Please!

Okay, I feel better now.  Just don’t get me wrong….these things still bug me!


Edited to add…..

5. “Watcha Say” by Jason DeRulo – seriously?  So, he cheats on his girl and whats her to stick around because when he becomes a star he’ll do anything for her…..please!


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