The View Was Beautiful

Went hiking with Crystal and Eric the other weekend.

Discovered that I am way out of shape.

The hike? The only hike that I have ever gone on that gets steeper and longer each and every time… Humpback Rock. I have never had to stop so many times on a hike because the backs of my legs burned so bad and to catch my breath. A good one sentence description of the hike can be found in a September 12, 2000 Caviler Daily article by Catherine Dunn “The near-vertical hike to Humpback Rock climbs almost a mile in the sky …”

Enough about that…..
Let’s take a look at the view:
Gorgeous…don’t you agree?


2 Responses

  1. Why am I not in that picture???
    I am the gorgeous one!
    Had fun

  2. Jeannette, that is NOT my kind of hiking. I got wore out just reading what you wrote about it. Donald and I went to Longwood Gardens on Tues. Now, that was my kind of hiking. We took the forest trail. Not a stump or rock in the path and very level. We also enjoyed all the flowers in the gardens. The best part of that was that I do not have to do any of the gardening!!!!! Aunt Shirley

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