A Few Good Authors…And Books

Since I am rereading some of my favorite books…here is a (huge) list of authors that I enjoy and at least one book of theirs that is a good read.
I’m sure I am forgetting some, so I may have to do some updates. =)
Dee Henderson – Have you read the O’Malley series yet? If not….WHY?!?!
Laura Jensen Walker – Reconstructing Natalie
Angela Hunt – The Canopy
Lori Wick – Every Storm and Sophia’s Heart
Deborah Raney – Beneath A Southern Sky
Mary Higgins Clark Loves Music, Loves To Dance
Francine Rivers – The Mark Of The Lion Series
Penelope J. Strokes – Blue Bottle Club
Liz Curtis Higgs – The Lowlands of Scotland Series

Charles Martin – When Crickets Cry is a great read.
Ted Dekker – Thr3e is still my favorite book of his even though Skin was quite good.
Frank Peretti – The Oath
Robert Loparulo – Comes A Horseman
Harry Kraus, Jr. – Stainless Steal Hearts
John Grisham Skipping Christmas and A Painted House
Randy Alcorn – Heaven and Safely Home
Ray Blackston The Flabbergasted Trilogy – only if you want to laugh….a lot.
T. Davis Bunn – The Book Of Hours
Grant Kendall – The Animals In My Life and More Animals In My Life
Sigmund Brouwer – Double Helix and Blood Ties
James Byron Higgins – The Reckoning


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