Thanksgiving in St. Louis

I spent Thanksgiving 2006 in St. Louis, MO with my sister Crystal and her husband Eric. We crammed a lot of fun and interesting things into one short week. Here is a quick run down. I hope that I get everything in the right order!

November 18 – 25, 2006
Day 1 – Saturday Driving, lots and lots of driving….. When I arrived, Crystal and Eric took me to the City Museum. That place is just awesome(And I am saying that even though I got injured!). It would have been cool to spend more time there, but after traveling all day, I was tired and hungry. Day 2 – Sunday Crystal and Eric took me to the church that they have been attending. It is a small, but very friendly group. Day 3 – Monday Crystal had to work, so Eric and I went to the Botanical Gardens. Even though a lot of things were “dead” and it was cold, we found lots of opportunities to test our photography skills. Chihuly‘s art was on display through out the gardens. There was also an exhibit that you had to pay to see that we didn’t go to. That dude has talent. If you get a chance to see his work…do…unless of course, the tickets are outrageously priced! Day 4 – Tuesday
We celebrated Thanksgiving early because Crystal had to work the holiday. We went to the St. Louis Zoo – which is amazing, the Arch – which is not for the claustrophobic, and the Melting Pot Restaurant – which is yummy but expensive (Don’t order the mushroom salad! It is a plate of mushrooms with 3 or 4 pieces of lettuce!). Out of all the pictures that I took on this day, my favorite is this one of the Arch.
Day 5 – Wednesday Crystal and Eric decided that they would torture me by making me walk/run with them 3.7 miles around some lake. (They walk fast, so every so often, I had to run to catch up.) Here is a lovely little view of said lake. Day 6 – Thursday Crystal had to work, so Eric and I watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was great to be lazy after all the walking the day before. Day 7 – Friday We went shopping around St. Louis today. Not much to say about it except it was cold.
Day 8 – Saturday Homeward bound! I am thankful for all the prayers for safe travel. I was almost involved in a wreck, that I’m positive only God kept me out of. At one of the numerous interstate interchanges in KY, a driver cut in front of me doing considerably less then the speed limit and me. I am so thankful that I saw it happening, that my brakes worked and that the surrounding drivers were also paying attention to what was happening. (A few minutes later, he thought about doing it again, but saw who he was going cut in front of…..he decided to stay in his lane.)

You can also find pictures and Crystal & Eric’s side of the story on their blog Our Life…As We Know It.


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